3 Powerful Instant Confidence Tricks

Here you get 3 simple techniques you can use especially during stressful situations to ground yourself more in the present moment and therefore be more confident. (Warning: the last one is creepy)

1| Listening to Silence

Try to hear the sound of one of the corners in the room. Just look at a place in the room where there is no sound, and try to listen to this silence.

2| Eye Roles

Close your eyes and when breathing out, role your eyes slightly upwards. This reduces your thought activity immediately.

3| Crazy Visualization

Whenever you are interacting with another person, try to visualize their intestines and their organs inside their body. Imagine their stomach digesting food, their lungs filled with air, their heart pumping blood, and even their genitals hanging loose. I know this sounds creepy, but it really works. Try it! Why does it work? Because oftentimes when we are anxious, we are too much absorbed with thinking, we see people only in their “role” or “image” (for example “He’s my boss” or “She is hot”). This little visualization allows you to realize that the person in front of you is a human being made out of flesh and bones just like you. This allows you to relax more around people.