Confidence is a Hoax?

In the self-help industry there’s a big misconception going on about „self confidence“. Usually we think of a confident person as someone who is sure with what he does, has no doubts and pretty much looks like ice ice baby. However, in my personal experience this is not at all what confidence is about.

The paradox is this: Confident people are confident with being unconfident. Or put differently: Confident people are okey with their insecurities. Confident people tolerate uncomfortability. In psychology this is called „ambiguity tolerance“.

This means in one sentence: taking action despite having fear. It means not listening to all the voices of doubts in the mind, but JUST DO IT, as Nike says. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. If you want to explore further into this topic, follow the videos from the upcoming week. There I will give you specifique concepts and techniques to apply in your own life.